Hope Program

The Hope program is for expectant mothers needing assistance in acquiring necessary items to care for their baby. The mother earns Hope coupons by completing a variety of activities. The father may also earn coupons by participating in some of these activities. Coupons are exchanged for baby items.

Money Mommy Coupons

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19

It is our desire to share with you hope for your future. Whether you are married or single, whether this is your first pregnancy or whether you have been parenting before, it is our desire to walk with you through life skills for your future and your child’s future.

Requirements for earning Mommy Money Coupons:
One Coupon

  • Two worksheets.
  • Taking worksheets home (homework) and returning them on your next appointment.
  • Father of baby in attendance for class.

Two Coupons

  • Watching a DVD from library.
  • Three or more worksheets.

Three Coupons

  • Coffee Break/Share Group Attendance.
  • Attending “Forgive & Set Free “ PACE Class (Post Abortion Counseling Education). Eight Week Sessions (Three Mommy Money Coupons per class).
  • Attending “Free Me to Live” class (Healing Past Hurts) 10 Week Sessions (Three Mommy Money Coupons per class).
  • Proof of attendance of a birthing class. (Three Mommy Money Coupons per class).

Please keep up with your Mommy Money Coupons and bring them with you when you are ready to use them.

Exchange Store

Most items in the HOPE program are donated used items. However, sometimes new items are available. All Items are subject to availability.

One Coupon Two Coupons Three Coupons
Maternity Items (4 Items)
Receiving Blankets (3)
Crib Sheet (1)
Small Crib Pads (4)
Baby Sleepers (3)
Onesies (3)
Baby Outfits (3)
Baby Coat (1)
Baby Socks (6 Pair)
Baby Food (3 jars)
Baby Wipes (1)
Towel (1) & Washcloth (1)
Prop-a-Baby Wedge
Baby Cereal (2 Boxes)
Diaper Stacker
Diapers (1 Package)
Car Seat Head Rest
Baby Hygiene Item (1 Large)
Formula (12 oz-16 oz Can)
Hand Breast Pump
Baby Gate
Baby Bathtub
Blanket (1 Large)
Four Coupons Five Coupons Six Coupons
Baby Monitor
Boppy Pillow
Portable Table High Chair
Baby Wipe Warmer
Diaper Genie
Bumper Pad Set
Crib Mattress Protector
Cloth Baby Sling
Electric Breast Pump
Eight Coupons 10 Coupons 25 Coupons
Diaper Bag
Potty Chair
Bouncer Seat
Car Seat (Used)
Pack & Play (Used)
High Chair
Crib Only
Mattress Only
Changing Table
To be eligible for a new Car Seat or a new Pack & Play you must be enrolled in the “Earn While You Learn Program” completing the required curriculum.

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